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From art to food and a whole lot more in between, Miami has a lot to offer tourists

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Destination Overview

Any trip to Florida is not complete without a peek at Miami’s grand array of attractions. When most people think of Miami, the first thing that comes to mind is the spectacular beaches. But there’s a lot more to Florida’s party city than its amazing white sand and crystal blue waters. A vibrant, energetic city all year round, Miami boasts beautiful parks, gardens, spots to unwind and places to rave it up.  

Recognized as the gateway to Latin America, Miami has a large Latin American population that adds to its vibrancy. From art to food and a whole lot more in between, Miami has a lot to offer tourists. Whether you love to party all night or explore day-time attractions, Miami, the south-eastern coastal city of Florida on the Atlantic offers plenty of interesting activities for visitors. Home to world-renowned beaches, museums and nightclubs, Miami ensures that its visitors experience moments they will carry with them for a lifetime.  

Even if there was no beach, Miami would still have undeniable allure. The gorgeous 1930s hotels lining Ocean Dr are part of the world’s greatest collection of art deco buildings. Tropical motifs, whimsical nautical elements and those iconic pastel shades create a cinematic backdrop for exploring the streets of Miami Beach. Of course, you don’t have to see these architectural beauties at arm’s length. Lavishly restored, Miami’s art deco and mid-century modern hotels are also the playground for locals and out-of-towners alike, with sunny poolside terraces, artfully designed dining rooms and plush nightclubs.

Chalk it up to Miami’s diverse population, or perhaps its love of always being on the cutting edge. Whatever the reason, creativity is one of the great hallmarks of this city. From art and design to global cuisine, Miami remains ever on the search for bold new ideas, which manifest themselves in surprising ways. You’ll find brilliantly inventive chefs blending Eastern and Western cooking styles, sustainably designed buildings inspired by South Florida ecosystems and open-air galleries where museum-quality artwork covers once-derelict warehouses. The one constant in Miami is its uncanny ability to astonish.

When the sun sets and the brilliant colors of a South Florida sunset fill the sky, that’s when the best part of the day begins for Miami’s party people. By moonlight, all the magic of the city unfolds, in its salsa-filled dance halls, swanky candlelit lounges, and rooftop bars with sweeping views over Biscayne Bay and the glittering city skyline. While there’s plenty of bling on display, Miami has something for all, from backyard bars full of indie rockers to hidden dens of debauchery concealed behind neon-lit taco stands.

Few cities are as blessed as Miami when it comes to natural beauty. White sandy beaches are lapped by teal waters – perfect for sunrise strolls along peaceful stretches of Mid-Beach to scenic paddles in search of manatees off Virginia Key. You can look for colorful bird species while walking the trails of Oleta River State Park, or go to any of the tropical gardens across the city. With year-round sunshine, and a love for celebration, the open air is also where Miami’s biggest parties unfold – whether at massive music and dance festivals or the neighborhood fiestas that pack Miami’s calendar.

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When to visit Miami, FL

Miami, FL

Do you need inspiration for when to go on holiday to Miami, FL? Give the team of experts at Inspiration Holidays a call and we will help you plan your Miami, FL holiday at the best time of year for your requirements. Although our Miami, FL holiday search tool will allow you to search for Miami, FL holiday prices upto 11 months in advance, we can also price holidays to Miami, FL for 2025 and 2026. We can advise on the best time to travel on your Miami, FL holiday based on Miami, FL weather, special events in Miami, FL or even when the crowds in Miami, FL are at their lowest.

Miami, FL

The perfect time for Miami holidays is between the months of March and May. At this time, visitors can enjoy daily temperatures that range in the mid 20’s, while the remainder of the country persists in the defrosting phase.  

This year-round tropical climate and the party atmosphere of Miami Beach close by means there are many tourists from the states in the north, South America, Asia, Europe and everywhere else, the whole year round. And during special events and festivals, Miami experiences even more tourists. For a different experience, plan your visit to Miami around the city-wide events or during the sweltering months of summer.  


Why not enhance your Miami, FL holiday experience by adding on an excursion. Our Miami, FL excursions have been carefully selected by the product team at Inspiration Holidays. Booking a Miami, FL excursion in advance can offer much better value for money than booking the excursions whilst you are on holiday in Miami, FL.