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Quebec City, QU

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Québec City is a place of colourful contrasts—and a Canadian city that looks and feels as French as Paris

Tailor Made Holidays to Quebec City, QU

At Inspiration Holidays, we pride ourselves on tailoring holidays to Quebec City, QU that are designed around your needs and expectations and not ours. We have a range of Quebec City, QU holiday offers that we have negotiated special or exclusive deals on. We can also arrange multi centre Quebec City, QU holiday itineraries as well as tours and excursions in Quebec City, QU. For more information on our Quebec City, QU holidays, call an Inspiration Holidays tailor-made expert on and speak to one of our reservation experts who will be able to help you plan the perfect holiday in Quebec City, QU.

Destination Overview

Live and breathe history seeping through its pores. Experience a slice of charming France (in the heart of Canada!) in its cuisine, café culture, and art galleries. Walk on cobblestone streets past towering cathedrals and fortresses with imposing facades and pass horse-drawn carriages on the road to get a taste of vintage Europe.

Québec City is a place of colourful contrasts—a Canadian city that looks and feels as French as Paris (and sometimes more), a bustling, modern metropolis that has not let go off its past and is happy to live in a time warp, and a place where skyscrapers share space with 17th-century houses, fortresses, and medieval-style churches with spires that soar into the skies. Yours holidays in Québec City transport you to a world that seems to have sprung from the pages of fairy tales. Expect to be busy during your holiday in Québec City. Walking tours through the city’s historic quarters, culinary adventures, shopping expeditions, and festival hopping are all on the itinerary. There are many ways to take in the charms of the city, discover its uniqueness, delve into its colourful and tumultuous past, and peek into the soul of a people who lend character and diversity to the place.

There are many cities in other parts of the world that are many years older than Québec City, but very few have preserved their past so lovingly and meticulously. Québec City has preserved not only the artefacts and buildings from its olden days but also the atmosphere that breathes life into these relics. It is no wonder that holidays to Québec City feel like strolling through the pages of history and seeing it unfold before your eyes. Visit the Plains of Abraham or walk on the grounds of the Citadel. Close your eyes and imagine a pitched battle around you, as it had actually taken place during the 18th and 19th centuries. The past is so alive here that you might even hear gunshots, the hooves of horses and the blood-curdling battle cries of the brave soldiers!The Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the historic heart of Québec City. It is the continent’s only walled city. Here 400-year-old buildings and mansard-roofed houses line cobblestone streets and elegant Victorian buildings house souvenir shops and swanky boutiques. A quaint Old European charm hangs over Old City; savour it on your walks through the walled ramparts or while you take a bite at a bistro.

On a holiday to Canada, you will come across many different cultures and meet people of sundry races. The unique traditions, customs, and preferences of these people find expression in their cuisines. Take a trip through the culinary alleys on your holiday to Québec City to discover flavours that have been around for centuries and recipes that carry stories of the common man, his daily struggles, triumphs, and how he has evolved and transformed through the years. And in the midst of this smorgasbord of tastes, lies the unmistakable French influence. The emphasis is on using fresh produce to create delicate and nuanced flavours and infuse a dash of sophistication while presenting the dishes on the table. On your Québec City holiday, discover how cultural influences blend to create hearty meals that fulfil the soul. Discover the city in a duck braised in maple syrup, crispy croissants, creamy foie gras, and the classic poutine dripping in cheese and curd.

The beauty of Québec City is not stashed away in some remote place that you can reach only after trekking or driving for hours. Rather, its charms are strewn by the roadside and tucked into its nooks and crannies. Québec City is immensely walkable and invites you to pause, look around, and appreciate the beauty of the present moment. Walk around the history-soaked quarters of the Old City. Stop and gaze up to marvel at the grand Château Frontenac, an icon of Québec City that embodies its heritage and elegance. The sprawling wings and soaring turrets of this legendary hotel make for a jaw-dropping spectacle; it is not for nothing that the Château Frontenac is the most photographed hotel in the world. Enjoy bird’s eye views of the St. Lawrence River and the harmoniously-laid out city as you stroll along Terrasse Dufferin. As you make your way from one sight to another, stop to recharge at the numerous street-side cafés with a cup of steaming coffee and freshly-baked bagel.

Visits to Quebec City were at one time considered little more than a day excursion or a weekend trip from Montreal. Today, many tourists skip Montreal all together and spend their entire Canada holiday in Quebec City. It is not uncommon to see tourists with jaws dropped open muttering “I cant believe we are in North America”. Quebec City has gone to great lengths to ensure it can cater to the needs of international visitors and this means that most tourists will never leave the city. Over 9 million tourists come to Quebec City each year and it is now considered one of the top 10 destinations by Conde Nast Magazine.

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When to visit Quebec City, QU

Quebec City, QU

Do you need inspiration for when to go on holiday to Quebec City, QU? Give the team of experts at Inspiration Holidays a call and we will help you plan your Quebec City, QU holiday at the best time of year for your requirements. Although our Quebec City, QU holiday search tool will allow you to search for Quebec City, QU holiday prices upto 11 months in advance, we can also price holidays to Quebec City, QU for 2024 and 2025. We can advise on the best time to travel on your Quebec City, QU holiday based on Quebec City, QU weather, special events in Quebec City, QU or even when the crowds in Quebec City, QU are at their lowest.

Quebec City, QU

Those who say winters in Québec City are cold or spring is wet are either nit-picking or have missed the point altogether. Québec City holidays promise pulsating action, beautiful sights, and exciting adventures whenever you visit the city.

Either the city decks up in festive gear or Nature dons its colourful garbs. There is never a dull moment on your Québec City holiday. Come rain, sun, or snow, there is always a festival underway in Québec City. Whether you are an art lover, a musicophile, a foodie, an adventure sports enthusiast, or someone who loves to have a good time, there is a festival to keep you enthralled. On your Canada holiday, ensure that you look up the events calendar before dropping by Québec City.

Summers in Québec City are pleasant; the daytime temperatures are just right to wander around the city while the evenings cool down, so you can continue being outdoors and enjoy the many festivals that take place during this season. The Québec City Summer Festival is the highlight of the season. The air is filled with the beats of electronica, the soulful strains of country music, the foot-tapping rhythms of hip-hop, and the thunderous sounds of rock and metal. This is a festival to celebrate the language that everybody understands and one that touches every heart: music. This is a festival that brings people closer and strings hearts together. If you are on a holiday in Québec City in summer, you will feel the city throb!

A tour in Canada during autumn presents breath-taking natural scenes. The landscape is ablaze in a brilliant palette of colours—fiery reds, bright yellows, rich purples, and brilliant oranges. The maples add more splashes of colour to the autumnal scenes. On a Québec City holiday in autumn, head to the open spaces and parks dotting the city to watch the leaves change colour. As the light dims and the misty haze deepens, pause and reflect upon the genius of the artist who is hiding behind the scenes and enthralling us with Her master strokes. Autumn in Québec City is Mother Nature’s canvas!

A little snow, a few icy blasts, and a drop in temperature are not enough to keep the fun-loving Québécois indoors. So it is no wonder that winter sees Québec City dress up in millions of shiny, twinkling lights to host the Québec Winter Carnival. It is one of the largest winter carnivals in the world and certainly, one of the grandest. Dare to take a snow bath? Want to race a canoe on ice and see if you can make it to the finish without slipping? During the carnival, meticulously crafted gigantic snow sculptures dot the neighbourhoods and an endless stream of parades take over the streets. Whether you want to jump into the action or watch the show from the sidelines, the Québec Winter Carnival has dollops of fun in store for you.

If you are on a Canada tour in spring, do not forget to be on the lookout for maple sugar shacks. Spring is the maple harvesting season, and many such shacks come up near Québec City. Let the heavenly aroma of maple syrup wafting through the air lead you to a shack and watch the sap simmer and boil to form thick, golden, gooey syrup. During spring, Québec City also hosts Red Bull Crushed Ice and St. Patrick’s Day Parade.


Why not enhance your Quebec City, QU holiday experience by adding on an excursion. Our Quebec City, QU excursions have been carefully selected by the product team at Inspiration Holidays. Booking a Quebec City, QU excursion in advance can offer much better value for money than booking the excursions whilst you are on holiday in Quebec City, QU.